why am I here?

Our Point of Intersection

You may notice, if you choose to follow me (and if you have, I thank you), that this blog might not seem to have one central subject. That’s not because I enjoy confusing people, but I do happen to enjoy finding order in chaos.

This blog is about the convergence of many things. Some of the most interesting relationships are among things that on the surface, seem to inhabit different worlds. For example, I’m a former art student and a photographer working in marketing and currently pursuing an MBA (if I ever figure that one out, I’ll explain it here). I like to learn from the places where the oddities meet, and how they oddly mingle.

I must say, I hesitated before choosing to bring another blog into the world. I promise I’ll try to make my own words worth your while, but the truth is, sometimes other far more eloquent and educated people will say and do very interesting things, things I will add to my growing “I wish I’d done that/said that/thought of that” list and which I will also share here. I hope you enjoy these things as much as I do.

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