Who I Bee

On my seemingly random content: I was fortunate enough to be raised by parents who encouraged me to follow my passions, and there are many I will write about on this blog. If it seems disorganized, it’s a happy kind of deliberate chaos. My tag cloud tells me that I like to write about photography, science, woodworking, technology, education, design, communications, and a lot of other seemingly unrelated things. I enjoy drawing the lines between these ideas and I know that if you follow them long enough, they will ultimately converge.

On all the bee stuff: If you’re wondering why there are so many things about bees on this blog, or why this isn’t a blog about beekeeping, there are several reasons. One, I love bees but I’m not a beekeeper yet, although I do plan to be one as soon as I own a bit of land. This particular passion does make its way into my writing and my photography from time to time, as I think there is a lot we can learn by watching bees. Two, there are many wonderful beekeeping blogs already out there who do a far better job exploring the subject than I could attempt to do.

On my obligatory disclaimer: I am a social media admin for my organization, so I need to point out that this is my personal blog. Everything I say here represents my own views and not those of my employer.

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