Feedback is a Gift

One of my mentors has elevated the quote “Feedback is a gift” to a near mantra for our team. Occasionally, the quote has served as an introduction to a piece of imminent personal feedback, prompting me to ask “Does it come with a gift receipt?” Personally and professionally, it can be difficult to ask for … More Feedback is a Gift

Has the State of the Union Address Become Obsolete?

Disclaimer: This blog is not intended to be political in nature. I am not interested in discussing or debating the performance of any particular POTUS, past or present, nor is the content of tonight’s State of the Union (SOTU) address at all relevant here. I have written this piece without having watched, heard or read about … More Has the State of the Union Address Become Obsolete?

Inside the Hive

There are 71 days between today and my graduation ceremony. I know that there are 71 days because I keep refreshing this web page on my phone, encouraged as I anticipate the return of Thursday nights and Saturdays, sleep and maybe even a social life (however unlikely.)  People keep asking me what I’m going to “do … More Inside the Hive